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Safekeeping and storage services

     Some time ago, most companies in need of the services of storage products were convinced that solutions to this problem should not be applied to specialized organizations, but one can just buy or rent a space suitable for warehouse and hire workers. It would seem that it was simplicity itself. But having created a warehouse, the company is faced with the fact that it requires more and more investments, requires new and modern specialized equipment, process automation, as well as solution of problems arising in the course of the warehouse work, such as security, maintenance, coordination of various government agencies, staff turnover, annual rent increase, theft, throw-outs, etc. As a result, managers of the enterprises have to invest much effort and money into this minor business. At the same time, the main business goals are lost, warehouse consumes their time, money and power, and they can’t manage to make it similar to specialized warehouses. At that moment they realize the value and benefit of cooperation with companies specializing in warehouse logistics.


   Cooperation with the  DIANA Lux Logistic company – is the key to effective work, confidence in the safety of your goods, in quality processing and packaging!


 DIANA Lux Logistic  company provides its clients with full range of services in the field of consignment storage and storing.


  • Ideal warehouses - they are always clean and tidy;
  • Careful consignment storage of goods;
  • Sorting, labeling, stickering and packaging of the goods;
  • Configuration of orders, optimal forming and packing of cargo transport units;
  • Cross-docking;
  • Advanced IT-solutions with the help of professional warehouse management Qguar WMS Pro system and a team of professionals.


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