Грузоперевозки Диана Люкс Логистик.
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  •      We are interested in joining our allies and all those who share our values and principles of work.


  •    We appreciate the personal qualities of our employees, their aspirations and desires. Therefore, we are ready to support all their initiatives not only in the work but also in life.


  •   We create a comfortable working and living conditions for our employees and strongly encourage them to self-improvement, career and personal growth.


We would like the work of our employees to be a labour of love that inspires creativity not only of themselves, but also of the colleagues beside.



 Salary, Facilities


DIANA Lux Logistic offers its employees a decent level of social conditions



  •  Competitive official salary


  •  Incentive Program: Award for performance over a short period and over the year


  •  Contributions to the pension fund in accordance with the law.


  •  Full social package that includes for employees of all categories:


 - Paid leave according to the Labor Code


 - Payment of temporary disability (sick list)


  •  Corporate Mobile Communications. Automated working place


  • For certain categories of employees (taking into account the specifics of their work), the company provides compensation for fuel, car expenses


  •      Personal of warehouses and production areas of the company is provided in summer and winter with clothing, food (lunch), and they have shower and swing rooms at their disposal.



Such a solid compensation package allows each employee to work with full dedication and to be confident in future.


If you share our values and corporate policies, want to work and grow in our company - please send your resume indicating the position you would like to claim, and the desired level of wages to the address: rabota@dll.ua

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