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Diana Association

      DIANA Association brought together different companies in different business areas on the same principles and in accordance with the common mission



Mission of the Associationis the following: creating new and improving the existing businesses with stable income, which serve as a model for the market and bring people together, supporting the principles of the company.


The principles and values have been formulated throughout the history of the DIANA Association (since 1991) on the ground of practical experience.



Principles of the DIANA Association:


-       To achieve the highest quality service for all target audiences;

-       Use the highest quality materials in every product category;

-       Responsibility for meeting all the formal and informal commitments;

-       Providing employees with such a level of social conditions, which is not lower than the average level in the industry ;

-       Work in accordance with the legal field, predetermined by the state


Businesses of the Association:


-       Distribution

-       Construction

-       Manufacturing

-       Commercial real estate


The DIANA Association consists of:


-       DIANA Lux Logistic

-       DIANA-Trade

-       DIANA-Logistic

-       DIANA-Saint-Petersburg

-       DIANA-Yug

-       DIANA-Yekaterinburg

-       DIANA-Samara

-       DIANA-Siberia

-       DIANA-Krasnoyarsk

-       DIANA-Kiev

-       DIANA-Zapad

-       DIANA-Baku

-       DIANA-Almaty

-       Ruplast

-       DIANA-Stroy

-       DIANA-Estate