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Mission & Vision

 Мission & Vision:


We do what we can do the best.


 «DIANA Lux Logistic» was founded in 2008 to manage the Class A administrative and warehouse center. To date, the company is steadily positioning itself as a logistics operator, providing the implementation of effective solutions for your business. The priority direction of our business is warehouse logistics.



Our Mission:


Mission of the DIANA Lux Logistic company is to provide high quality professional logistics service, contributing to increase profits and efficiency of our customers.



Our Goal:


To provide our clients with center of high-quality logistics services, with maximum reliability and predictability of processes, excellent service, comprehensive approach to logistics solutions, coherent and flexible pricing.


Our Values:


Justice and fairness. All our decisions are based on justice and fairness. We are honest with our customers, employees and partners.


Logic and common sense.All our decisions are based on logic. We can explain why we are doing just “this”. All our actions are consistent. All our decisions are based on common sense and reason.


Economy and profits.We are a commercial organization and therefore whatever we do must be profitable averagely as well as in the long view. We need to achieve profit for performing our mission and maintaining the viability of the Company. We also understand that all our partners are business companies.


Efficiency.We are focused on efficiency. We believe that the only constant improvement of the efficiency of our work will enable us to achieve our goals.


Team spirit.We think in terms of “Ge” rather than “Ge”. We do everything together. We are united in achieving our goals.


Quality.Quality is not our goal, it is essential part of our work


Details.Even small details are very important! Everything is built on “little things”.