Грузоперевозки Диана Люкс Логистик.
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Тechnical capabilities


      DIANA Lux Logistic operator meets the highest requirements of our customers and is focused on continuous improvement of logistics services, so in our work we use all the advanced information and technical capabilities. 


 Progressive IT-solutions



    To maintain high service levels, automation of control processes of the warehouse for processing the trade flows we implemented together with the Quantum International company one of the best IT-systems of warehouse accountability, that is the Qguar WMS Pro system. Use of modern information and logistics technology and ability to integrate with various external automation devices, class the Qguar WMS Pro system with the leading warehouse management solutions of international standards.



     The center is equipped with new, modern handling “STILL” equipment, mobile Motorola Symbol Technologies data acquisition terminal, and mobile and stationary barcode printers manufactured by Zebra Technologies.



















     The DIANA Lux Logistic Center is equipped with fire sprinkling system.


Sprinkler system is a system of pipelines, constantly filled with extinguishing agents, equipped with special nozzles, sprinklers with fusible nozzles, that, having been opened at the initial stage of ignition, provides supply of extinguishing agent to the flame base.





   Products labeled «made in Germany» are held in high repute throughout the world. These words are understandable

 without translation, they are synonymous with superior quality and reliability. The outstanding achievements of German scientists and engineers in the field of industrial trucks made this technique popular in our country.